After a long busy day, when all you want to do is unwind in a quiet place, coming home to your garden resort-inspired place is a dream not everyone can have.

Filigree’s Botanika Nature Residences is a fresh new address for the privileged few. However, its impressive list of luxurious features and amenities that assures residents of a life of leisure and gentility is not what makes it a home, but rather the experience this architectural masterpiece gives to the residents.

Thus, the crown jewel of this remarkable modern, green-oriented beauty – the uniquely-styled tiered pools nestled in a lush green space that occupies 70 percent of the property–takes your relaxation to a whole new level.

The Look

The pool and the whole resort-style landscape architecture—a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life—is the handiwork of Botanika’s landscape consultant, the world-class AECOM of Singapore, the same team behind some of the world’s iconic design such as Marina Bay and Greater Southern Waterfront.

In executing the tiered pool area, AECOM’s signature attention to detail—a quality that they share with the development firm Filigree—is evident. “We studied closely how to plan the levels of the pool, its distance to the units, even the lapping distance,” says AECOM’s Armando Casibang. “The result is this beautifully crafted onion-shaped pool inspired by a bud. It came out naturally.”

AECOM also set out to create a more open and sweeping living experience for Botanika residents, a rarity among condominium developments. It is all about engaging with space.

The Feel

“Beyond just creating pretty things, what’s important is the sensation or the feeling people have when they step into a space—the emotion and the perception—which is what we aimed to do at Botanika,” said Casibang.

The canopied section at Botanika’s pool area provides residents shade from the sun.

You do not need to go all the way to the beach or premium resorts to get your feet wet with Botanika’s crown jewel that takes into consideration each of your family member’s need for an active lifestyle, for socials, for relaxation, and definitely for a staycation.

You can get a tan while sipping tea at the sunbathing deck or you can enjoy the sunshine in peace in the veranda. You can refresh yourself up when it is scorching hot, or you can do your morning laps while you let your kids be kids in the kiddie pool area.

Regardless if it is day or night in Botanika, every angle in this distinctive shimmering amenity makes it look like you have stepped into a postcard – making you more excited to arrive home and to splash around. Complementing this crown jewel with soon to rise amenities such as a spa and a fully-fitted gym, this place you can call home will make staying feel better than going out.

With Tower 1 of Botanika Nature Residences ready for occupancy, homeowners affirm how this crown jewel brings serenity to them and how this tiered pool has become part of their fitness routines. Future residents can also start enjoying the premium lifestyle that luxury real estate brand Filigree brings.

Botanika Nature Residences is the flagship project of Filigree, a real estate brand that offers masterfully-crafted living spaces. Designed by Leandro V. Locsin Partners, its architect of record, and Architecture International, Botanika offers authentic green living in a luxurious enclave nestled in the quietest and exclusive portion of the premier garden central business district in the Metro South, Filinvest City. To discover more about this architectural gem and its unique features and amenities, visit