Bringing the outdoors in

Enter Two Botanika, the second tower of Botanika Nature Residences in Filinvest City, Alabang. Developed by the luxury real estate brand, Filigree, the new tower of this vertical village adopts the “lanai” living. A “lanai” refers to a dwelling design that is open and flowing outside, perfect for tropical places like the Philippines.

Filigree engaged renowned Filipina interior designer Tina Periquet in the project. Her designs have paved the way for Two Botanika’s efficient unit layout and space planning. This is visible in the deeper balconies of Two Botanika where you can view the lush landscaping from your unit or simply enjoy extra outdoor space. 

“As an interior designer and space planner of residential structures, I see my job as more than making places out of spaces. My ultimate task is to curate experiences in the home,” Periquet said.

According to Periquet, her goal was to capture the sense of community that’s healthy and open.

“The concept of the building is you’re in a vertical village,” said Tina Periquet.

“So, there is a nice sense of community and it’s really very much in keeping with the overall idea of being in a healthful place where you can just relax and not feel confined the way you normally would in a condo tower. There is a sense of expansiveness, openness, actual ventilation, and daylight,” she explained.

Discernable across its elaborately decorated units and amenities are grand cathedral ceilings, deep lanais, and curved, spacious balconies that all marry the outdoors and indoors seamlessly. The expansiveness of the outdoors is likewise translated indoors through Two Botanika’s larger-than-usual condominium units. A one-bedroom unit measures between 72 and 82 square meters, while a four-bedroom bi-level unit has a generous size of 322 square meters. 

Masterfully designed living spaces

Conceptualizing this architectural refinement are Andy Locsin of Leandro V. Locsin Partners and Bill Higgins of Architecture International. 

“We wanted something more organic. There are no straight lines in nature,” shared Higgins.  “So we took two circles and made a garden atrium that is protected indoors,” he added.

“It is going back to the simple things — a beautiful garden, bumping into your friends, feeling part of a community, feeling safe and breathing good air,” said Andy Locsin of Leandro V. Locsin Partners. “Safety, nice people, good air. That is a true luxury. People are discovering that.”

Two Botanika also underscores that it’s a vertical village with well-crafted amenities, designed to bring utmost comfort and functional convenience. Isabelle Miaja of Miaja Design Group sought to further accentuate and complement the vision for Two Botanika with curated art and furniture pieces for the common areas. 

Atop the building, you can also enjoy the magnificent view of Filinvest City skyline and greens at the Sky Lounge. The new tower will also have a fitness gym, where residents can enjoy an active, healthier lifestyle.

Planting seeds of sustainability

While Tower 1 has been marked with a 4-star Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE) Development and a 3-star rating for Health+Well-being Certification by the Philippine Green Building Council, Tower 2 is not far behind when it comes to features that integrate a healthy and green lifestyle. Expansive gardens at Two Botanika will also give your child room to run and explore in a safe, natural space.

“One of the core values of this project is the ability to live an environmentally ethical life. I think that is one of the aspects that the clients are looking for,” Locsin said.  “It provides a tremendous amount of privacy.”

And the moment you step out of Two Botanika, a vibrant, green neighborhood will still welcome you, mirroring the serene sensibilities of your home. Despite being in a quiet and exclusive area of Filinvest City in Alabang, Two Botanika offers convenient access to all life’s essentials. 

With its recent groundbreaking, Two Botanika marked the visible beginning of a nature-filled vertical village offering its future residents an abundance of nature and space in the metro south. 

Enjoy the luxury of living in a vertical village at Two Botanika. 

This article was first published in CNN