Botanika Tower 2 3BR Model Unit

MANILA, Philippines — With so much of our time spent indoors, there is no right or wrong moment for us to rethink our decisions on investing for an ideal home that harmoniously nourishes us.

Real estate brand Filigree offers just that — by going above and beyond with their premiere residential properties built with nothing but caliber materials and committing to bringing homeowners their well-deserved upscale living spaces that serve its purpose. 

With the promise of real estate appreciating through the years, Filigree maximizes in sustaining a good relationship among its buyers, both potential and existing, for the long run by encapsulating the brand’s principle of having space as the new luxury. With its design language focusing on generous indoor and outdoor spaces that have nature-inspired themes, Filigree continues to stake its name in the standards of sustainable living.

Sternly ardent on providing the efficiency of the cornerstone of their projects, the green frontier they are inculcating in every building goes at par with every buyer’s idea of luxury living. With this goal, their well-curated residential projects not only rely on the aesthetics; it’s also for each and everyone’s health and wellbeing, with a unique approach to investing on real estate properties.

Botanika Tower 1 Atrium

Accessibility and sustainability

Location-wise, Filigree Brand Head Daphne Sanchez says they are steadily catering to the needs of the market, in terms of green-lighting projects that are within the 15-minute radius of a certain city.

“Your home design is only as good as your address, especially in a pandemic. You need to be able to lean on good accessibility,” said. These factors are also very much reflected in their projects that are in strategic locations like the Botanika Nature Residences and Golf Ridge Private Estate — both in close distance to the work-play area of Filinvest City in Alabang and Filinvest Mimosa+ Leisure City in Clark. These areas are teeming with world-class designs, while still being integrated with nature.

Botanika Nature Residences

With changing times, materials for the buildings should be sustainable. Sanchez shared that Green Buildings, those built through sustainable development and materials, not only are good for the residents’ health but are also cost-efficient.   

“Remember, sustainable buildings are not just good for the environment but they are actually good for your pockets too. They consume less electricity and you don’t have to rely on mechanical solutions to begin with,” she said.

Moving forward with the new

Current happenings pushed real estate quality to make ways for more sustainable and cost-efficient properties. 

“One thing that the pandemic has shown us is that not all properties are created equal. Some developments perish with the turn of events while others thrive,” Daphne Sanchez said during a recent webinar.

Besides flexible monthly payment schemes and the general look of the property, Sanchez explained that investors and residents should look at how the space is maximized, the materials used in building and the cost of living in the property.    

Sanchez emphasized that real estate properties that thrive amid the crisis are those that offer multi-generational and multi-use spaces with amenities for work and recreation.

Filigree Showsuites in Filinvest City, Alabang

For Filigree, investors and future residents are assured of sustainable and quality living as properties under the brand are built to last, according to Sanchez. With developments that are adjusted to provide for you and your family’s needs amid a pandemic, Filigree offers real estate built to withstand a crisis and the changing times beyond this era.

Discover more of Filigree and its take on modern luxury living. For more information, visit their Showsuites at Corporate Avenue, Filinvest City in Alabang, or visit

Source: PhilStar Global