MANILA, Philippines — Real estate developer Filigree recently announced that it will be building a sequel to its flagship project, the Botanika Nature Residences, in Alabang, this time, focusing on the importance of space.

The developer tapped interior designer and artist Tina Periquet, principal architect of Periquet Galicia Inc., for the space planning and overall interior design of Two Botanika’s model units.

Because Filigree wanted to view “space as the new luxury,” Periquet had to go beyond her usual pursuit of making places out of spaces by personally curating experiences in the homes.

“It’s really very much in keeping with the overall idea of being in a healthful place where you can just relax and not feel confined the way you normally would in a condo tower,” said Periquet. “There is a sense of expansiveness, openness, actual ventilation, and daylight.”

This in relation to an initial thought Periquet had that people who would purchase units at the new building would be people who live on the ground, so in Filigree, in making a “vertical village,” she wanted to make sure these spaces will make one feel as if they still feel grounded.

Periquet added that she defined each space based on how people would move about daily, and that the COVID-19 pandemic validated the work she and her colleagues were doing as individuals see better now the value of having space.

Helping Periquet in curating the appearance and overall structure of Two Botanika were fellow interior designer Isabelle Miaja and architects Bill Higgins and Andy Locsin, the latter the son of National Artist Leandro Locsin.

Periquet ended by quoting former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”


This article was first published in PhilStar