Filigree’s Botanika Nature Residences is sure to purvey immeasurable value for contemporary families

With the multitude of budding establishments available both inside and outside Metro Manila, deciding on where to invest can be overwhelming as only the right one can give optimum returns. For those new to this undertaking, it is prudent to seek areas with not just a history of high appreciation rates, but which likewise bring immense value into your life.

Built by the distinguished real estate brand Filigree at the most exclusive portion of Filinvest City, Alabang, Botanika Nature Residences is a winning choice. Set in a prime and central location which takes pride in its acclaim as a sustainable business district, this nature-filled address ensures a balance of beauty and functionality to reinvent fine living in the metro’s south.

Real estate as a worthwhile asset is not only limited to monetary gains; it is moreover a holistic form of investment because it can significantly determine one’s quality of life. Dwelling in properties within live-work-play communities allows one to seek an integrated way of living, and this is exactly what one can expect to find at Botanika Nature Residences.

“As much as it’s an architectural masterpiece, Botanika is also a catalyst for community engagement,” says Filigree Business Head Daphne Sanchez of their flagship development. Introducing recreational amenities and open spaces to encourage fruitful socials and neighbourly encounters, the building fully embraces the concept of a vertical village. The same is reflected in Two Botanika, which equally inspires a blossoming lifestyle within the luxurious realms of an already loved community.

Tina Periquet, to whom is owed the efficient space planning and interior design of the Two Botanika’s model units, notes, “It’s very much aligned with the overall idea of being in a healthful place where you can relax without feeling confined the way you typically would in a condominium tower. There is a sense of expansiveness and openness because of the natural progression of spaces, providing access to natural ventilation and daylight.” Masterplanned in collaboration with trusted design teams and builders, the residential tower promotes sustainable living with generous spaces that are flexible and adaptable to people’s ever-changing needs— spaces that do not confine you to just an enclosed room. Featuring new highlights such as deep balconies, soaring atriums, green parkways and more, a seamless connection with the outdoors is beautifully fostered for the utter comfort of discerning dwellers.

“It’s going back to the simple things—a beautiful garden, bumping into your friends, feeling part of the community, feeling safe and breathing good air. That is true luxury,” muses Andy Locsin of Leandro V Locsin Partners, the Architect of Record of the whole Botanika development. Locsin adds that what attracted this world-class firm to the project was Filigree’s intention to build in a responsible and sustainable way, as seen in Botanika’s acclaim as a 4-Star BERDE Certified project and the first H+W 3-Star Certified residential building in the country. He also says, “One of the core values of this project is the ability to live an environmentally-ethical life. I think that is one of the aspects that the clients are looking for.”

Ultimately, Two Botanika is more than just a property; it bestows a well-forethought village which welcomes families of all kinds to thrive across generations. As the green expanse of Filinvest City Alabang surrounds both developments, residents also enjoy a myriad of living accommodations, bustling offices, essential services, and delightful entertainment jaunts within reach—and these likewise influence the profitability of Filigree’s residential developments. With the district experiencing unprecedented growth as a new hotspot for major infrastructure and as a base for local and multinational companies, Botanika Nature Residences already exhibits land values climbing to approximately 80 per cent since its inception.

The true strength of real estate investments lies in minimum risk and maximum return. Depending on how one uses economic power to influence circumstances, times of uncertainty can be transformed into periods of anticipation, especially if it involves places that guarantee a life well-lived and so much more.

This article was published in Tatler Homes’ December 2022 issue